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With over 35 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and the best in customer care.

ESP Auto Auction Ltd. is a second-generation family business whose focus has always been on combining professional, knowledgeable service with the best in customer care.

It all started in 1982, when Mr. Gilles Boisvert launched St. Pierre Auto Action to meet the increasing demands of the Quebec automobile market. Over the next 20 years, Gilles made it his mission to create the best possible experience for his customers throughout the entire auction process. His dedication and success allowed him to attract partners such as CIBC, Bell Canada, Hydro Quebec, GMAC, the National Bank of Canada, and others. This made St. Pierre Auto Auction one of the best places to buy auctioned cars in Quebec.

In 2004, Alain Boisvert bought the business from his father and ESP Auto Auction was born. Although the company was given a new name, its traditions carried on. The professionals at ESP Auto Auction still provide the same exceptional customer service, whether you come down in person, or take advantage of our new Web-based auctions.



We accomplish this with a team of knowledgeable professionals that provide expert advice and assistance in all phases of the auction process. It is our goal to meet or exceed the expectations of each individual client, with one-on-one personalized, friendly, and efficient service. Essential to meeting our mission is to ensure that the founding traditions of our family-run business remain true, even as new employees join our team, new business partnerships are formed, and new technologies are adopted.

That is why as we grow larger, we work even harder to ensure that the key value of exceptional customer service, is always at the root of everything we do.



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